Your guests will be greeted with professional courtesy by a valet who is well groomed and properly attired for your function. They will be given a numbered ticket, which includes a description of the vehicle and the parking location. The cars will be locked and the keys are placed in a locked keyboard for added security.

All of our valets carry a cellular phone, making it easy to bring in additional personnel as needed.

A-1 Valet, Inc carries $1,000,000 in liability. In the event of damage to any vehicle, an accident report will be filled out by A-1 Valet , Inc. Management. The report details information needed for a follow up investigation. The customer will be given the necessary information to contact A-1 Valet. It is our policy to rectify matters as soon as possible, and to make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction.

We realize that service can only be as good as the people who deliver it. We take extreme care in selecting the individuals who represent A-1 Valet. Prior to being contracted, the individual must pass a written examination after studying our company manual. This is to assure that they understand what is expected of them from the start. Valets are then put through a 30 day training and probationary period, during which time they work side-by-side with a supervisor or manager at a lower volume site. After successful completion of this training, they are fully prepared for events and locations of all sizes, and have the full confidence of our management.